Ticketleap Public API


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The terminology used on Ticketleap and in this API documentation is as follows:

A unique developer identifier. All requests must include your personal API key in the query string. To obtain an API key, login to your account on Ticketleap. Go to your account on the top bar, then select "API Key" from the menu.
A collection of performances with the same name, description, location, etc. (i.e. West Side Story at the Sansom Street Theater).
The ticket seller (i.e. Joe's Musical Productions).
A specific date/time instance of the event (i.e. the Sunday @ 2:30pm matinee of West Side Story).
A short string of characters used as an identifier in the URL. Can only contain letters, numbers, and/or dashes.
Social Attendees
Twitter and Facebook users that proclaimed they were going on the event page. Note that this does not include every attendee, only those that publicly stated they were attending.
Social Comments
Comments left on the event page by Twitter and Facebook users.
A descriptive term the seller optionally applied to his/her event (i.e. theater, musical, etc.).
Ticket Type
A ticket classification with its own price, quantity, restrictions, etc. (i.e. Balcony seats or Orchestra seats).
Event Category
An overall category of available filters (event category options) that can be assigned to an event for use in narrowing the list of events returned. (i.e. Musical Genre)
Event Category Option
An individual filter (or option) that can be assigned to an event, allowing that event to be returned when that filter is chosen. (For example: If the Event Category is Musical Genre, the event Category Options could be Rock, Folk, Hip Hop, etc.)