Ticketleap Public API

API Documentation

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The Basics

This is a REST API where all required request parameters are part of the URL itself. For now, only GET requests are allowed. All requests return JSON formatted data. Read more about JSON on JSON.org. The full list of request URLs is provided in the documentation section.

Since all the available data is publicly accessible, there are no user credentials required.

Draft events and events that are hidden from the public will never be included in the public api data.

One thing to note is that sellers are able to change their organization slug and event slugs at any time.

Identified by Slugs

Organizations, events, and performances are identified by a combination of slugs.

Slugs can be obtained by walking down the action tree. Get the organization events list to see all the events and their slugs. Use those slugs to get the full event details including the performance slugs. Use the performance slugs to get performance details (including ticket types).