Ticketleap Public API

Event Details

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Details for the event with EVENT_SLUG as its slug within the organization with ORG_SLUG as its slug.



URL Keys

The Event Details method url contains the following keys:


All requests must include your personal API key in the query string. To obtain an API key, login to your account on Ticketleap. Go to your account on the top bar, then select "API Key" from the menu.


The Event Details method accepts optional paging parameters in the query string. If these parameters are not included, the default values are used.

To return the second page of 5, the request would look like this: http://public-api.ticketleap.com/organizations/ORG_SLUG/events/EVENT_SLUG?key=PUT_API_KEY_HERE&page_num=2&page_size=5

Filtering by Date

The Event Details method accepts optional date filter parameters in the query string. Dates must be in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHHMM or YYYY-MM-DD. Date filtering is based on UTC time. If included only performances that meet the date criteria will be returned.

To filter the Event Details method between March and July of 2011, the request would look like this: http://public-api.ticketleap.com/organizations/ORG_SLUG/events/EVENT_SLUG?key=PUT_API_KEY_HERE&dates_after=2011-03-01&dates_before=2011-07-01


Try an example of the Event Details method: http://public-api.ticketleap.com/organizations/puppies/events/wearing-a-giant-cowboy-hat?key=PUT_API_KEY_HERE